Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Osu Kannon with Eiichiro-san

On Sunday, after going to church in the morning, I went to meet my friend Eiichiro in Nagoya's Osu Kannon district.

I met Eiichiro two years ago in Oxford (check this and this posts) during Summer at the same English school. I told him that one day I would see him in Nagoya and here I am :).

He is a very fashionable guy and he likes to follow the latest trends on clothes. For example, he told me that now the strives pattern is becoming very trendy.

After walking around a shopping centre we went to have lunch and we ordered a typical dish from Nagoya that was really tasty.

Then he took me to his parents' incense shop. There is a big temple nearby that I already visited two years ago which is probably one of the main clients. Eiichiro's parents were very very nice and they invited me for a coffee and gave me the incense boxes in the picture above. Please, check their website if you are interested.

They also took me to their house where they have a tea room with tatamis. In that room, they celebrate every Tuesday the famous tea ceremony and I'm invited to participate. It sounds very interesting.

Finally, we said our goodbyes and hopefully we will meet again soon. Now he is in a nearby prefecture (Mie-ken) on a training course for his work. As I had a ticket for the whole day I went to Nagoya's main station where there is a big electronic shop called Big Camera. The devices that I liked the most were small pocket televisions that you can take anywhere and watch TV on them. Now more and more phones are also including digital TV here (including an adaptor for the iphone).


Vanesa said...

I can see you are not missing us a lot...

Enjoy yourself!!!!

Sangorrin said...

hehe hey, for the moment i dont have any drawjam session club, so u have to come!! :D