Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paella and Bolos

It is tradition in the place where I work to organize a picnic every year during the beginning of summer.

We usually go to a beautiful part of Cantabria called Ucieda, which is very close to the escudo de cabuérniga (there is a post about a hiking route there).

We typically have "Paella" for lunch (probably the most famous dish of the Spanish cuisine). In the picture above you can see the two delicious Paellas that we had this year. You can also see me pretending to be cooking while the actual cooker, Michael, is taking care that I don't ruin everything! :D

After lunch, we went to play a local game called Bolos (Cantabrian Bowling). In the graphic above I tried to gather a picture of each person that came to this year's picnic. It was a nice day, good for team building!