Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Going to Mongolia had been my dream for many years. A remote and unspoiled environment, perfect for living a great adventure. Later I would get to know that the famous scientist Richard Feynman thought the same as me.

When I was flying over Mongolian's deserts (Air China from Beijing to Ulan Bator), I could hardly believe that my dream was actually coming true. All my efforts to get a visa had been finally rewarded (I had to go to Osaka's consulate to get it for 4400 yen) and the views were already amazing. I spent the first and last night (of a 5 nights trip) in Ulan Bator at UB Guest house which was a great decision. I had a reservation in advance to spend the remaining 3 nights with a Mongolian family in the National park Terelj. The price, 50$ per day, covered transport, accomodation in a Ger, 3 meals and horse riding.

The first thing I did when I arrived at Terelj was to explore the surrounding mountains and valleys. It was an amazing experience to walk alone far away from any civilization.

Mongolian food is quite simple and mainly based on the animals they cattle (e.g. goats or horses). For that reason, dairy products and meat are a big part of their diet.

While in Terelj I spent the night in a traditional Ger. I also had the luck to participate in the assembly of one of them.

Mongolian horses are famous for their strength. They live outdoors under extreme temperatures all year and they are smaller than normal horses we are used to see. I also have to say that the ones I was riding were also quite stubborn! Riding a horse in Mongolia is a great experience because you feel the freedom of a place without fences.

Despite the extreme climate, Mongolia's flora and fauna is very distinctive and diverse. Many of its animals are unique to Mongolia and largely unknown to the rest of the world. This is definitely a place where I would like to come back.