Saturday, March 24, 2007

San Sebastián (Back to the past...)

I went to San Sebastian to remember where I come from. My first memories are from Portuene, where I used to play with my neighbour friends, I learned to ride a bike, I saw snow for the first time...

Second is my school (Santa Rita) which is now being replaced by a new building, and the seminary, in front of it.

I remember my class partners: Josué, Asier, Gorka, Maite Martínez, Maite Elizazu, Fernando Intxausti, the other Fernando, Leire, Arantxa, Mikel, Iñigo ... and of course, my wonderful teacher Amparo.

I remember the day I saw a post about a Mountain Club and how excited I was when I enroled in it.

I also remember me representing my school in the Tamborrada (one of the main festivities in San Sebastian) where lots of schools go out, march and play the drum.

My friends in Amara, Francho and Denis Arconada. We had lot of fun playing soccer in Amara's parks.

My classes of Karate. In the picture, the day I won my first Karate medal in Mondragón.
"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."


I suppose that Venezia would be a wonderful place to visit if we hadn't seen it in pictures before. Television is a spoiler of real life!


La mia ragazza lived in Turin while doing its final degree project as an erasmus student. This is her website:


Milano was the first city of Italy I visited. It was very surprising for me to see how people wore, very fashionable! There were lots of streets with top brand clothes shops, and I even saw some models.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

La Rioja

La Rioja (google maps link) is a very famous region of Spain because of its wine. These pictures are from an excursion in the east of that region which looks more like a desert. In the past this part of La Rioja was very wealthy thanks to the crops and sheeps. It was also inhabitated by Dinosaurs and there are a lot of footprints like the one in the picture.


Ganekogorta is the name for a popular mountain close to Bilbao, Spain. I did the following route with my University's mountain club that started in Bilbao's neighbourhood of San Adrián and finished in the village of Llodio.


Cabuéniga (google maps link) is a beautiful valley of Cantabria, Spain. These pictures were taken in a excursion from Correpoco to Barcenillas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I made a new Chinese friend and we went out to see Liverpool's nightlife. We had a drink in The Cavern pub ( and listened really GOOD music. In the streets there was some kind of wet shirts party. My friend took some... evidences ;)


I spent three days in Wales doing hiking. Amazing views. Freedom to walk through the countryside. No fences, no agressive dogs, just lovely sheeps!.

Moel Siabod (google maps link) was one of the mountains I climbed ( I spent two nights in a youth hostel in Capel Curig. It was very funny when the second day, a group of university students from Leeds, showed up in the hostel. We had a very nice evening and I even learned some words in Greek. There were people from Cyprus, Japan, China, Spain, Italy, ...

The second day I went from Capel Curig to Dolgarrog. I met a very nice old man that lived in Dolgarrog and we shared a great chat and walk. I hope your sister is okey George!

My third day in Wales was in Llandudno (boring).


Liébana is a small region in the west of Cantabria (north of Spain) with very special characteristics. It is a wonderful place for hiking, composed of four valleys and surrounded by impressive peaks. I have done several walks here.