Sunday, November 4, 2007

El escudo de Cabuérniga

There is a wonderful book called "Senderismo desde el tren por Cantabria" ("Hiking from train in Cantabria") that describes as many as 20 routes all around Cantabria using the train as the means of transport to get to the beginning of the route and go back home at the end of the route (probably in a different train stop). This is very handy for all those people (like me) who don't want to depend or use this stupid invention that we call 'car' and which is destroying the planet where we live. I have done several routes of this book but I never posted any of them because I didn't have a camera to take some pictures. Now that I own one, I decided to do one of the routes that took me to the Escudo de Cabuérniga which is a range of low mountains with beautiful views to the valley of Cabuérniga. The route starts in Treceño (from Santander take the train FEVE at 9:10 destination Oviedo) and finishes at Cabezón de la Sal.

At the beginning of the route there were a lot of farms, cows (several types including a special local race) and horses (I was surprised that I found more horses than cows!).

From the station of Treceño I took a small path that ended up in a field full of thistels and ferns. After going up a hill (with a lot of spikes!!argh!!) I was able to see in front of me my goal, the Escudo de Cabuérniga.

Soon at the foot of the Escudo started a path for those who wanted to see a very old road made of big stones on the way up to the top. Some people say it could be roman but it is not certain. This route (Cambrera de Moros) was not described in the book (maybe because it is newer) but as it went to the same place I decided to follow its indications. The stones of the road were really big and they made me easier the way up, hehe

On the ascent there was this magnific specimen of beech. I decided to take a picture of it.

Once you get to the top of the range all that is left is a relaxed stroll along the range, going up and down, through 8 km or so. While I was walking I admired the beauty of the views and I took the opportunity to play a little bit my harmonica as well, hehe :)

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