Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Views from NU's International Residence

There is a volunteer group of students in Nagoya University, called ACE (Action group for Cross-cultural Exchange), whose main goal is to support foreign students while they get used to life in Nagoya and also to serve as a bridge between foreign and Japanese students.

When I arrived to the residence some of its members where already waiting there to help students that had just arrived. Kenji-san, on my left hand in the picture, showed me my room and explained me some basic stuff like how to turn on the hot water, the air conditioner or the kitchen.

Some days later they proposed us to go with them to a welcome dinner. Basically, we went to the school's restaurant and we all ordered something to eat. I ordered a Korean dish called Kotsuyan (if i remember right) that consisted of rice, meat, pepper and a spicy sauce that gives the name to the dish. During the dinner, Kenji-san told me that the views from the 8th floor of the International Residence were very nice. So this morning I woke up early to take some shots with the sunrise light.

And finally, a few minutes ago I took some shots of the same scenery at night. In the background, the lights of the center of the city remind me of some animes like Ghost in the Shell.


Vnesa said...

Menudas vistas!!!!!

japanish people are really taking care of you!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Dani!! Soy tu primo Borja! Ya veo que estás instalado en Japón ya. ¿Qué tal todo? Saludos!!!!

Sangorrin said...

Todo bien!! Japon es tal como esperaba! Ya ire contando mas cosas. Un abrazo

Tobio said...

Me acabo de leer un par de tus posts, sobre el Japan Way of Life, muy interesante todo, lo cierto es que acojona bastante visto desde aquí porque es todo completamente distinto y original, asi que encaja perfectamente contigo,... ;-)

un abrazote al otro lado del mundo figura!...

Alvaro said...

looks like nagoya university has everything perfectly organized, I'm glad they're treating you well :) You're gonna have lots of fun there. Keep updating the blog, it's really interesting reading about your day-to-day life at Japan.

un abrazo

Sangorrin said...

Tobio: que no te acojone tanto, que esto esta todo organizado. Lo que si es cierto es que seria mucho mas dificil si no supiera ingles!

Alvaro: glad to know it's interesting, sometimes I think nobody would want to read this kind of 'obvious' stuff like 'today i bought bread' :D. Ill put more posts cause there are lots of things to do here!! :D

Castelló said...

Que bien lo de la asociación esa que facilita las cosas a los extranjeros.
Pero no sólo esta asociación, corrígeme si me equivoco pero en general parece que las gentes de allí ven con buenos ojos a los extranjeros ¿no?.

Llevo ya leído bastante y me parece todo precioso, dan ganas de tomarse unos cuantos meses de asueto para gozarlo. Pero eso sí, si algún día voy pallá ya sabéis que me amarraré con uñas y dientes a cualquiera que sepa inglés :D

Sigue disfrutando, Sango, es una experiencia para toda la vida ;)

Anonymous said...

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Sangorrin said...

hi Ajay, I think that for only two months an apartment its hard to get. If you are coming to visit a company or University they can probably offer you some residence. If you are coming on your own I suggest you to go to a hostel in Nagoya or something like that. Cheers