Friday, April 24, 2009

Cooking Gyûdon (牛丼)

Although most of the time I have lunch and dinner at the University I would like to learn how to cook so I can make better food and probably save money as well.

One thing that I don't eat often in the University is cow meat so I went to the supermarket to buy some. It is funny to see that they cut meat so thin that it looks like Spanish "Jamon". I didn't follow any recipe but I just found that what came out is quite similar to Gyûdon (牛丼), a typical cheap Japanese fast food!

I cooked some onion in low fire and then added two eggs in order to resemble a sort of sauce that I have tried in a dish at the University.

So here is my made-up dish haha. Please don't make fun of me :). When I cook I don't like following recipes but trying to use my intuition. Somehow during my life I've get used to this learning-by-mistake procedure. In this case, the food was tasty and I could enjoy it with a Manga that I found on a bench.

Next day I made a variation and I cooked it with rice. After cleaning well the rice I boiled it for 25 minutes or so with low fire because I wanted it to come out sticky so I could pick it up with the chopsticks. It was surprising that I was successful on it so maybe this sticky properties are something inherent in the Japanese rice. Normally, Japanese have a machine called "suihanki" that cooks the rice almost perfect.


Vnesa said...


perfecto, continue practising, so you could cook for us when we visit you... :D

Sangorrin said...

hehe ok, ill try my best ;)

Yvon said...

You can try adding a little soja. Just a bit.

Castelló said...

Yo a lo españolo, que nos entendemos ;)

Ya sabes que si quieres alguna recetilla por aquí ando ;)

Y vete apuntando todo y luego cuando nos veamos nos deleitas con algún plato que supere al de sardinas con Nocilla :D

Un gran abrazo compñaero, se te hecha de menos ;)