Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oxford - more pictures!

Duygu, Maëlle and Eichiro just sent me a bunch of new pictures so I will just put them here with some short comments.

This is a picture of my class and my two teachers. There are people from a lot of places. Starting from the right we have Henrique, a brazilian musician, Maria from Spain, Ana (from Serbia, a good climber), other serbian girls, Duygu from Turkey, two Polish VERY intelligent (amazing, they knew almost everything. They liked manga like me and one of them spoke Japanese. I don't know why but I couldn't talk to them as much as I wanted), another Spaniard with an Argentinian T-shirt, a nice girl from Iran, another Spanish and another girl from Serbia I think. The teachers were very good. Stuart, on the left, was very nice and even when you made a big mistake he tried to show the rest that it was an interesting point of view haha! On the right, a very interesting person as well, very educated and singular. He had lived in Zaragoza for 15 years or so and he usually wore Spanish t-shirts.

This is Duygu and me in the gardens of a colleague in Oxford. The grass was really dense and green. Apart from that and a nice church inside, the colleague didn't have too much interest without the students (as it was summer they were on vacation in their homes).

Me, Duygu and Natascha in the lunch room of the school, the last day I think. Natascha was a very nice girl from Russia who was in a different course, more intensive. She was interested in graphic design and she had a notebook with drawings. Again, like with the polish girls, I would have liked to talk more with Natascha but I find it difficult.

This is Sandra and me talking in the living room of the school. She is from Galicia in Spain and she is studying arts in Salamanca. Her boyfriend, Fonso, is also studying arts with her but he is from Asturias. Behind us, you can see the MACs we had to access the internet. They had a horrible browser with a lot of missing functionality and it used to get stuck all the time so I had to learn how to kill windows in MAC.

Two more pictures doing "punting" in Oxford. In the first one i look very concentrated while Maëlle and Maria are a bit scared haha. In the second one, Duygu and Sandra trying to appear in the picture while I balance the boat hehe.

This is me reading the... times, of course, in the living room of the school (caught!).

Maëlle, me, Duygu, Eichiro and Sandra in the bus coming back from the city centre.

Eichiro, Sandra, Duygu and me in the living room. Behind us, a nice boy from Venezuela on the left and a cheerful girl from France on the right.

Pictures from our trip to London where we visited a lot of museums and parts of London. In the first one, Duygu and me in front of the National Gallery. In the second one, Sandra, Andras, me, Paula and Duygu besides a fountain in hyde park waiting for the bus to take us home.

Duygu, me, Eichiro, Amparo and Sandra in the school. Amparo was a woman from Sevilla that used to work in Zara, Oxford, and was studying in the intensive course. She liked to wear very fashionable clothes and was very talkative.

Eichiro, Andras and me in the riverside. We went with Maëlle to walk a footpath that goes along the river until Oxford's city centre. It was a very nice and relaxed day.

A picture of the Spanish group (and Eichiro) in the Oxford O'Neills pub. This was to celebrate our last day in Oxford. I liked this pub a lot because they have live music, good and variety in the drinks and you can have lunch or dinner inside.

Me, Qin and Eichiro. Qin is a beautiful chinese girl from Shanghai and she was one of the first persons I met in Oxford (we were sitting next to each other at the first level test). Maybe someday I will make her a visit in her wonderful country.

This is Eichiro with Keiko, a Japanese girl that we met in The Bridge, the most popular nightclub in Oxford. Apparently, they went on with their "friends" relationship ;). Eichiro about to say goodbye to Oxford.

Eichiro, give me my hat!! ;) I bought that typical british hat before coming. I like it but definitely it doesn't match with Eichiro's fashionable clothes haha.

Some pictures from our day strolling besides the river to the city center. Very relaxed and interesting day. Is that your favourite one, isn't it Maëlle? The last picture is one of the best pictures I have from Maëlle.


Anonymous said...

Famous thursday!! I couldn't forget this day with Eiichiro, Andras and you! Together sit on the famous table during one or two hours just speaking and laughing!! Our discussion was very interresting...Do you remenber???
bye my boysss!! Maëlle

Sangorrin said...

I do remember it haha.. Eichiro?, Andras?