Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sango, Nagoya city 「三郷、名古屋市」

During the middle of August, I had some days off thanks to the Obon (お盆), which is a traditional Japanese festivity similar to the "Day of the Dead".

As I had not prepared any trip, I decided to check by bike one place near Nagoya that I had seen in a map before. The place was called Sangō (三郷) and the reason for going there was that the short version of my family name is also Sango :). Actually, after visiting Sangō I went on further to Seto 「瀬戸」, which made the trip even longer (and brought double pain to my bottom hehe)

Leaving the city there are some great views of elevated highways crossing in amazing ways that I have only seen here in Japan.

After the highways, some bits of peace and quite life. These photos remind me of some Animes like Captain Tsubasa and others :).

But to be honest, the "rural" part of Nagoya could be the center of some small cities in Europe. You hardly see anything else than buildings or cars. The only piece of nature that I managed to see was the Shinrin park (森林公園).

And finally, after around 20Km by bike under a killing sun (it felt as if I were in hell!), I arrived to Sango's crossing, which looked like the pic above.

In Sango there is also a Meitetsu station so I could have gone by train but I think it is always much more interesting to go by bike.

And here I am in front of a building called Sango hehe. I also saw several shops, hotels, post office with the word Sango written on them :).

Probably a stupid trip that no one will ever want to repeat but at least I took some ordinary Japanese streets photos that might be interesting for fans of Japan (sorry that the quality is bad, I took them with my cell phone). Next will be trying this burgers hehe

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