Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nagoya with Maria

After seeing Himeji and its castle we went back home to Nagoya.

However a big city, Nagoya is safe for riding a bicycle and its quite common thanks to its wide sidewalks. It was a great way to see the city!

Nagoya Castle, which may not be as valuable as the one in Himeji and yet interesting enough to pay a visit. We contemplated it from Meijo park.

The sunset light was perfect for a photograph session and we took some nice portraits of each other.

I did not carry my camera so I could only take some crap pictures with my phone. Next time I should carry mine as well because it's not fair for her :).

We went back to Sakae (downtown) and watched the TV tower from the Oasis21 complex at night. Probably one of my favorite views of Nagoya.

Just behind Sakae's famous big wheel there is a manga shop called Tsutaya where Maria and I discovered a great manga called "Saint Oniisan" (eng. "Saint Young Men"). Check Maria's post about it here.

And also very close to the TV tower there is a very nice restaurant called Saizeria. Although it claims to be Italian, they have also Spanish food like paella or jamon. But the main point of this place is that it offers a nomihoudai (drink as much as you can), which means that for 180 yen you can drink coffee and soft drinks without limit.

Talking about food、 I took Maria to the cafeteria where I usually have lunch in the University everyday. In Japanese it is called gakushoku 学食 and it is very convenient because you get a lot of food for a more than acceptable price. We also enjoyed sushi in restaurants called Kaiten Sushi, check Maria's post about sushi here.

And to put an end to this post, check this interesting photo that we took near the University showing the words Gaza, Love&Peace :)

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