Monday, August 24, 2009

My new apartment in Nagoya

During my first five months as a student of Nagoya University I have been living in the International Residence (check the views from it).

The residence is a great idea because at the beginning you get a very cheap place to stay until you get used to the new environment.

Unfortunately, this stay could only be extended for 6 months so I had to start looking for a new apartment to move out and I found one in the building above.

I decided that I wanted to be close to the University but also have shops around and live in a busy area. Fortunately, there was such a place, it's name was Irinaka. So I went to the Irinaka office of a famous state agency called Minimini. A very kind Japanese woman, Mami-san, showed me different apartments by car and it was very easy to find the one that I wanted. If you are looking for an apartment around Nagoya University I recommend you to contact with her (she can speak English very well): (tell them you saw the link in my site :D). *May 2012, she no longer works there.

I am very happy that my apartment in Irinaka, apart from being close to the University (around 10 min by bike or by subway), is very close to a Book-Off store (my favorite shops!).

In this zone, there is also a great bookshop and rental shop called Sanyoudou (三洋堂書点) which has several floors.

On the top floor there is a big Manga shop where I can buy materials for drawing comics. I have the intention of drawing new comics soon.

In the second floor I can rent movies, animation series and even mangas. It is a great way to read mangas for a very cheap price and not having to store them at home.

I pay around 36000 yen/month and I have a simple apartment with a bed, desk, small kitchen and bathroom. Just what I needed!.


Anonymous said...

Is 36,000 yen/month typical in Nagoya? I am thinking of moving there. The job there pays a lot less than I would expect in Tokyo but maybe the cost of living is less there.

Sangorrin said...

It is not the average price, but you can find apartments with this price.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I have only lived in Tokyo so I have no idea what to expect in Nagoya yet. From your blog, looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sangorrin, I will be moving to Nagoya in a few months and I need an apartment similar to yours. Did you have a guarantor and did you have to give them key money, when you got your apartment with MinMin in the beginning?

Sangorrin said...

In my case I had the luck that the University were I go was my guarantor. If you don't have that possibility then you need to pay money to a guarantor company.

TongSampah Society said...

Dear Sangorrin-san, do you have to pay for the electricity and maintenance? how much it cost?

I'll be a nagoya univ student this spring, and will also stay in the dormitory for 6 months.


Sangorrin said...

TongSampah, sorry for the late reply. I didn't notice your comment.
It's been quite a long time, but I think the electricity or gas or water bill had to be paid separately. The cost depends on how much you use and the season. I guess a typical cost is 1000..3000 yen.