Friday, February 20, 2009

Vila Real - Portugal

After the FRESCOR meeting, I took a plane from Madrid to Porto and then I catched a Rodonorte bus to Vila Real where Maria is starting her erasmus grant, a big change of weather and environment compared to Warsaw (Poland) :D. The Rodonorte "station" is quite difficult to find in Porto mainly because it's not even a station!

Maria took me to some place near a cementery from where you could see very nice views of the mountains and rivers surrounding Vila Real.

We posed a little bit for the camera as you can see :D. Then we went to have lunch Francesinha, a very typical dish that consists of a sandwich with beef inside and a spicy tomato sauce. After that we went to the commercial centre called Dolce Vita and finally at night we cooked a Spanish omelet for dinner! :D

My first impression about Vila Real was that of a nice small city in the middle of the mountains where one could get relaxed. I think that it is very suited for studying thanks to its quiteness.

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