Thursday, February 19, 2009

24 hours Comic

Some weeks ago I took part in the "24-hour Comics Day" event of the Angoulême Comics convention 2009. It was kind of a marathon consisting of creating a comic of 24 pages (including front and back covers) in 24 hours!! Yeah, It was really crazy and very tiring!! But I'm proud to say that I made it :). During the 24 hours you could see some of the artists drawing through their websites. Even very late at night! At the beginning of the event, the organization said the rules for the comic so nobody could have it already prepared. This year the rules were that the comic should have no text and that it should happen in a museum.

You can check my comic and other participant's comics in the participants list. Among them there were my friends Alberto Muriel and Yvon Wong. Both made a great comic but Yvon gave up very early!

There were no awards, just the honour and satisfaction of having completed such a tiring task.

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