Friday, February 20, 2009

Madrid - my last FRESCOR meeting!

From Brussels I took a plane to Madrid where I was going to have my last meeting in the project I am working for: FRESCOR.

Although I had to work hard to finish several presentations for the meeting I also had time to hang around Madrid with Maria.

My hotel was in Chamartín, just on top of the main train station. A walk away from there I could see some amazing skyscrapers.

Maria trying to copy the scene of Ghost in the Shell (which was also copied in another beautiful movie, Lost in Translation).

Some advertisments in the buildings are already famous because they appear in films and television.

On the left, the metro station of Ventas... and on the right, TOYOTA, whose headquarters are in Nagoya! :)

Ventas is famous for its bullring. Although I don't really like bullfighting I guess it is something you must see when you go to Spain. By the way all these pics were taken by Maria, she is a wonderful photographer! :)

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