Sunday, January 20, 2008

Liérganes - Pozos de Noja

This saturday I went to do an easy but beautiful route with my brazilian friends Felipe and Vanessa. This is the google earth file describing the route in case you are interested: lierganes.kmz

We were very lucky to have a great weather with a beautiful blue sky. I took the opportunity to get some panoramic photos of the views.

Some "aggresive attitude" pictures with my black hat, hehe. I have more like that with a sticks but i thought they were too strong! haha!

A funny child with some animals of her farm (goats, pigs).

We arrived at Liérganes quite late, it was getting dark!! I think this is a nice sunset picture showing the route we did, isn't it!?

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Anonymous said...

Hola Dani,
¡¡De verdad que da mucho gusto mirar nuestras fotos juntos!! Eres un bueno fotógrafo y imaginamos que ya lo sabes... Pues, sepas que hecharemos de menos las cordiales amistades de España así como sus preciosos sítios. Esperamos hacer una caminada como esta en Brasil y ojalá que sea pronto.

un gran beso de los amigos brasileños,
Lipe y Nessa.