Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nusense in Spain!

Last weekend, I spent a nice time with my favourite Londoner, Debbie (alias Nusense) who was kind enough to visit me in my town, Santander (listen to the song I made about her in my previous post!!). Despite her nickname comes from the pronunciation for the English word "nuisance", she wasn't that nuisance at all, haha!!

Nusense is a very talented rapper. You can hear some of her great songs in her website and also videos of her rap battles in youtube (google them!!). As an example, this is part of the lyrics of one of her best songs (in my opinion)


i aint jokin around so tell me now do i look like a clown (hahahahahaha)
real people stand up haters sit da fuk down (haters sit da fuck down)
and i aint fuckin around so whats the weather like on the ground
real people stand up haters sit da fuk down (haters sit da fuck down)

I was astonished when she used to start making rhymes on the fly (called free-style rapping). I tried to make some as well but I failed to make a single one, hehe. Her songs, like many other rap songs, have aggresive lyrics that show the living hell where they have been grown up (i.e: some suburbs of London).

Any self-respected hip-hop singer or rapper must appear to be very tough, hehe, so that's why we look so dangerous in our pics. Actually, she is a very good person who is always thinking about her friends (Lee, Mysta, ...).

Although we were going to do some hiking in the hills, the weather was quite bad and I decided to guide her to do a walk along the cost so she could see some beautiful views from Santander. I think we will come accross in future adventures so keep updated!! :)

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