Saturday, April 18, 2009


When I was done with Jiyugaoka I went to take the subway to the next stop (I had a ticket valid for the whole day).

By chance I met my new English friend Julie who was going with some friends to make a barbecue at Meijo Koen, a nice park 11 stops from Nagoya University. She offered me to come so I said "why not".

I bought some meat at the supermarket and took a new "daily life" picture of it :P.

Close to Meijo Koen there was a baseball match (most popular sport here in Japan) so I decided to take some shots. To be honest I still can't see what's so funny in this sport.

Under the cherry blossoms there were lots of Japanese cultivating a very nice tradition called hanami (which comes from hana=flower miru=look) which consists of going with your friends to eat and drink under the pink blanket of cherry flowers.

We also had our own hanami thanks to Julie and her friends who brought a barbecue, food and joy.

As the weather was really nice I went around to take some shots. This flowers look unreal but they were very real!

And I'm very proud of this picture because I was brave enough to pick my camera, point directly to that couple and take a shot without getting embarrassed hehe. I think it's much better than my tomatoes!

Near to the park there was the Nagoya Castle. It is not the real one (which was destroyed) but still looks great.

It was a very nice day so I even managed to ask someone to take a pic of me. Unfortunately my eyes were closed, shame! :P


Yvon said...

Que buena pinta tiene el pueblo ese. Tú vete visitando sitios para hacernos la guía turística cuando vayamos para allá.

Sangorrin said...

jeje ok, ya me ire preparando y buscare mas banyos termales, sitios con buena comida, etc... Todo por los amigos :D

Castelló said...

Joer que sí, que envidia que se olisquea por aquí... Sobre todo por esa chiquilla de azul de la primera foto, ñam ñam !

A ver cuando es ese voltio por allí, buffff, somos esclavos del puto dinero !! Habrá que imaginárselo de momento, Ohmmmm....