Saturday, May 20, 2017

OSC 2017 Spring

The Japanese Open Source Conference, usually known by its initials OSC in Japan, is a great event for open source enthusiasts. It is celebrated in different japanese cities and regions throughout the year such as Tokyo, Hamanako, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and many more. Here is their official OSC Twitter account.

Although I have attended the conference many times I had only reported once in 2013. This time I attended Tokyo OSC 2017 Spring which was held at Meisei University, a private University that has great rooms with multiple screens.

During the conference I made a short introduction to Fuego, an open source test framework that I'm contributing to recently. You can find the slides here. This wasn't my first presentation in OSC but it was the first one I did as part of my job. You can also find the videos and slides of other presentations given during the conference here. I was very interested in the Lagopus project, which supports DPDK (a cool framework for zero-copy network applications); the Vuls vulnerability scanner; and also Volumio, a Hi-Fi digital music Linux distro.

Although I normally use the Tama Dōbutsuen Station which is right in front of a zoo (Dōbutsuen means zoo), about 15 min walk to the OSC building, most people prefer to use the Chuo Daigaku-Meisei Daigaku Station on the Tama Monorail. Here is a picture of it on my way back to the station.

Conclusions: it's always fun to attend the OSC and learn about new trends, software and make new friends. Also I think it is especially fun if you make your own presentation.

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