Sunday, May 21, 2017

Futsal in Kanagawa

One of my passions since I was young is playing futsal. What I like the most about futsal is all the "speed thinking" involved. Some people associate futsal with physical strength, but in my opinion thinking speed and accuracy when passing the ball are the essence of this game.

In Japan, futsal is often played outdoors and on artificial grass. There are many futsal stadiums that allow individual participation (個人参加) where you just go, pay for the time and join other futsal enthusiasts. I usually play once or twice a month. Recently I played with some good old friends that I used to play with when I was in Nagoya University. It was nice to meet them. My favourite place to play futsal in Kanagawa is Futsal Point in Suzuki-chou (a 20 min walk from Kawasaki station).

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