Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mamá, tú no mires

Around two months ago I made a post about the interview that a Spanish TV channel (Antena 3 NEOX) did to me. It was for a TV show, called ¡Mamá tú no mires!, about Spanish people studying abroad. For that post, I used very nice pictures taken by Maria. Yesterday, the interview finally appeared on the TV and thanks to a colleague from my previous laboratory, Juan Maria Rivas (thank you!), who recorded the video, I could just put it on-line:

If you are interested in watching the other interviews in Japan and other countries, check the Antena 3 videos website, where they are uploading them.


Yvon said...

Lo tienes colgado ya en la web tambien.,-tu-no-mires-en-japon-parte-2?start=468&end=949

Sangorrin said...

Gracias!! Lo he subido tambien a youtube porque nunca se sabe cuando esa pagina va a dejar de funcionar :D

gruñon said...

A si que anchoas y sobaos he!

Un abrazo,

(x) said...

Muy guapo del reportaje.
Vengo desde el blog de Jordi.

Un saludo!

Sangorrin said...

gracias :)