Sunday, November 1, 2009

Iwayadou park (岩屋堂公園)

Recently, I joined the Chubu International Hiking Club (CHIC). Every weekend there is some excursion organized by volunteers and everybody can attend them freely.

My first excursion was to a placed known as Iwayadou park. This place is popular because of its rocks, caves and waterfalls. It is close to Seto city, where I already had gone after my visit to Sango town. From Nagoya (Sakaemachi station) take the Meitetsu train to Owari-Seto and then take either a taxi or a bus to Akazu.

The name Iwayadou is composed of three Kanji symbols: Iwa (岩) which means rock, Ya (屋) which means roof and Dou (堂), meaning hall. And I think the main reason for this name is the rock formation that is shown in the picture above.

It was a nice walk and also I met nice people during the excursion.

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