Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unpublished pictures from Japan

Three months to go to Japan with my scholarship and I'm starting to get excited. I'm watching lots of movies (not only Japanese but Asian in general, I like Korean films), reading blogs, studying and imagining my life there. I put here some pics from my trip to Japan last year that I didn't include in previous posts because they didn't have enough quality or because there were similar ones.

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Castelló said...

Un viaje con una pinta tremenda, Sango.
Al ver cada imagen mi mente enseguida lo ha relacionado con los animes que he visto jeje, es una sensación curiosa.
Si el bolsillo lo permite sería una gozada ir con unos guías como Mu, Vane, Yvon y tú...
En Kimono estás mu sersi juas juas. Ya tienes para carnavales :)

Nus vemus, Sango San !