Sunday, December 21, 2008

Japan to-do list

This post is a to-do list for my life in Japan as a Monbukagakusho student (April 2009 - 2011). I'll keep updating it whenever a new idea comes to my mind so I anchored it to the Permalinks menu.
  • Learn to speak and read Japanese fluently.
    • First 6 months, intensive Japanese language courses.
  • Improve technical skills on hardware, maths and physics.
  • Enjoy Japanese manga, anime, movies, music and live performances.
  • Join a club in the University.
    • Main candidates: manga, water color painting, zen and football club.
  • Travel:
    • Walk the 88 temple route in Shikoku.
  • Draw comics and illustrations.
  • Receive visits from my friends ;)


Vnesa said...

Muchas cosas...

Añade "recibir visitas de amigos de españa"

LaeKs said...

Do not forget "receive several visits from my sister"