Saturday, March 15, 2008


After Angoulême, my next trip abroad was again to France, this time to Paris. Although I went there on a work trip, I had the opportunity to stay during the weekend on holidays. I enjoyed that weekend a lot thanks to Nusense, who came from London to meet. Together we went to see the city, Notre Damme (where I asked her to "marry me" and gave her a plastic ring hahaha!), the eiffel tower, etc.. in Notre Damme Nusense started whistling at the most sacred place and all the people STARED at us!! I was so embarrased that i started walking fast directly to the exit while she kept whistling!!!

It's a shame that I didnt take my camera with me so I only have some funny pics that we took out of a video at the hotel. I liked again the French, they are very polite and nice people (I don't think people from Paris are rude as it's typically said). Also I bought a book on French grammar and a dictionary at the boulevard Saint Michelle, where there are lots of bookshops.

Oh my god, the mummy is coming!! (Ok, to be fair, this is ME with Nusense's sweater)

The hotel was in the French slums, there were two subway stations to get there, one was okay but from the other you had to take a sort of "dangerous" path hehe

Nusense and me were chilling out in the room, drawing, singing and things... For sure my memories of that day have a soundtrack in the background: the song "Poison" by Alice Cooper!!

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