Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jaca - day 2 and 3

In my second day, as i was feeling bad of my throat, fever and headaches.. i decided to stay at the residence doing a comic and sorting out some things. I had sketched one page and a half when i heard the cleaning personal coming so i decided to take a break and went out. I walked around until i found the Camino de Santiago path that passes by Jaca. I followed it until i found a nice and calm place by the river where i decided to lay and read for a while. It was very relaxing. After that i came back home again to go on sorting things out.

At night we went to have dinner at the restaurant Rancho Grande which had a great decoration and a warming fire. We all had deer as the second plate. It was a nice place until a group of noisy Spaniards came and ruined it all...

In my third day in Jaca, I went with my friends, Steven and Angela, to see the monastery of San Juan de la Peña, one of the main touristical attractions around Jaca.

Once we got to the place a man told us to keep going up until we found a parking. Everything seemed to be very well organized. There you can buy the tickets and a bus takes you to the old monastery. Actually we did that journey on our own walking a beautiful path from which we could admire the views.

Angela, trying to get away from the paparazzis (me).

This is the main attraction of San Juan de la Peña, an old monastery embedded into the rocks of a mountain.

Some gargoilles and interesting decorative stuff in the monastery.

Then, we went to see the most modern monastery.. you can see the ruins from above through windows on the floor.

On the way back to Jaca we saw this interesting house with solar panels.

When we got to Jaca we had lunch in a restaurant and then we visited the main cathedral of Jaca which dates from the XI century. It was very nice.

A guy was praying to the virgen for quite a long time.

A traffic sign saying "in order to cross the road press the button". Somehow it reminds me about the original Japanese signs.


Nusense said...

Whats with the small fire you know that is unacceptable wait til u come camping with me i'll show u what a fire is after i pour petrol on you and light you up blap blap you suck man!

Sangorrin said...

hahahaha no, you wouldnt. Cause i wouldn't be close to you if there was a lighter around!! :D

Vanesa said...

Qué tal en BCN?