Monday, September 7, 2009

Watching the Dragons

Maria-chan came for a few days to visit me in Japan and we had a great time together.

We decided to spend the first day after she arrived in Nagoya so she could have time to rest from the long trip. I took her to some of my favorite places in Nagoya, like Osu Kannon or Sakae area.

While walking in Sakae we saw a street concert by some Japanese band. It looked like they were quite popular among Japanese as the public was following their songs with strong interest and waving their hands and arms.

We also went to the nearby Oasis21 area where there are nice views of the Nagoya tower and other buildings.

Very close to Oasis21, also in Sakae area, there is a place where there is always somebody playing on the weekends. In our case, we had the "luck" to see this hilarious group of imitators of Kiss :).

Finally, we went for the main event of the day, the Dragons baseball match!! We made a stop in the commercial centre AEON that is in front of the stadium (Nagoya Dome) and bought two Dragons bracelets and a T-shirt. She got the number 3, from Tatsunami, and I got the number 1, well.. because I am her number 1 hehe.

A Japanese friend called Ayumi, who is a fan of the Dragons, came with us and she also brought two more friends. She had all the necessary equipment to become a Dragons supporter hehe

The stadium was great and everything was well organized. Unfortunately the Dragons lost against the Yokohama Baystars, but nobody can always win. I more or less knew the rules of baseball but Maria filled the information that was lacking. Although I consider this sport a bit boring for the players that must be waiting for their chance to participate in the game, I admit that I had a good time :)

Note: Pictures taken by Maria-chan

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