Friday, February 20, 2009

FOSDEM 2009 - Brussels - Belgium

A few days after the Angoulême Comics convention I was already travelling to a new point of Europe. This time I went to Brussels to give a talk (MaRTE-OS - Practical View) in the FOSDEM free and open source developer's european meeting together with my work partner Miguel Tellería.

My talk took place in the Ada Developer's Room and it offered a practical view on MaRTE OS, a real-time kernel that has been developed in the University of Cantabria, where I am working. It was organized very successfully by Ada Belgium and I would like to say thank you to them for their great efforts. Miguel and I also talked a little bit about FRESCOR, the project that we are currently finishing. Actually our trip was sponsored by the project so I also have to thank my boss :).

We had a nice dinner in front of the Grand Place. Some of the speakers were there. The speakers were all very smart and they knew what they were talking about. My appreciation was that the talks in the Ada developer's room were more proffessionals and serious than in other rooms. By the way, if you are interested here are the slides of my presentation:

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Vanesa said...

oh my good!! You look so serious and professional, hahahaha!!!