Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angoulême 2009 Comics convention

Two days after the 24 hours Comic event, I was already in Angoulême (France) with some friends visiting the famous Angoulême comic convention.

We were almost the same people as last year, with the exception of Zalduna who couldn't come and Hugo Tobio and Daniel Castelló, who decided to join us this year.

The road to Angoulême is sometimes boring because it consists of very straight highways so sometimes we tried to entertain ourselves playing with other cars hehe.

As if that was not enough we decided to have a puncture so we could repair it by changing the wheel :D.

Our French was not fluent but Tobio proved that being an artist can be quite convenient to communicate your needs at certain times!

Angoulême is a nice city situated on a hill. One of the most eye-catching things are their wall paintings where the visitor can often see his comic heroes.

In angoulême we joined another group of artists from the forum ArtBox. It was very interesting to meet other artists, exchange thoughts and drawing techniques, get advices and so on. I also took the opportunity to buy some drawing materials for my comics (there were a couple of shops that were like the paradise for the comic artist).

We had lunch in different places, there is a good variety of restaurants. The pic above was taken in a pasta restaurant with a low shutter speed. I told them to stay still but it seems that only Vanesa and me could ressemble a robot hehe.

When I arrived at Santander at night I was quite tired but still had time for a night picture ;).

About the festival the most interesting things for me were that I could see in person Daniel Clowes and Carlos Giménez, a book of sketches by Juillard that I read in Angoulême library, the Wacom Cintiq device, a very nice lunch organized by Junta de Galicia, and one stand that was selling originals from good artists (I was there for a long time watching carefully how the pages had been painted!)


Yvon said...

Je, muy bueno lo del dibujo explicativo.
El año que viene conducís vosotros.

Castelló said...

Vale, y si tomamos la "autopista hacia el cielo" luego allí no nos digáis ná :P

Qu ebuenooo!!!, has hecho el retoque de añadirte en las escaleras, genial !!!!! :D

A ver si pillo un momento y las subo en la Drawjamsession...

Ese Sango !!

pd: y en españolo????
Leyendo en inglés no pillaré la mitad de las cosas, jué.

Sangorrin said...

Yvon: prefiero no matar a gente conduciendo! XD

Caste: jeje se nota un poco que está añadido pero bueno, había que estar ahí! :D por cierto, si le das a la banderita de españa te lo traduce google al español y se entiende bastante bien.

Tobio said...

Jaja, que cabrón. no podías resistirte a contarlo, por cierto me he quedado de piedra pensando quién sacó la foto de las escaleras...

Estuvo bien, pese a todo.
Por cierto los del Banco me reintegraron los 520 euros que no saqué.