Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Naoki Urasawa's original comic art exhibition

Last March I visited Naoki Urasawa's "Draw, draw and draw" (描いて描いて描きまくる) exhibition at Setagaya Literary Museum (世田谷文学館).

I have been a fan of Urasawa-sensei since I imported the first 2 volumes of his comic Monster from Japan at the age of 17. At the time I couldn't read Japanese but I was lucky to get a translation to the Spanish language from a friend. A year later the series was finally published in Spain and I enjoyed every single page.

The exhibition was absolutely amazing and displayed lots of original comic art from Urasawa's masterpieces such as Monster, Pluto, Happy, Yawara, 20th century boys, Billy bat, or Master keaton. Pictures were not allowed, but you can see what it looked like from here, from here, from Urasawa's twitter account, from Setagaya literary museum's twitter account, or just by searching for 浦沢直樹展 on google images.

Urasawa recently became a TV star thanks to his wonderful program Manben (漫勉), a made up word that combines the first kanji for MANga (comic) and BENkyo (study). In each episode, Urasawa records and interviews a rather famous Japanese comic artist. You can watch Manben online.

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