Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tokyo Open Source Conference 2015 (Autumn)

A few weeks ago I went to Tokyo's Open Source Conference and tried to learn as much as I could. As always, it took place at Meisai (明星大学) University. You can find here some of the presentation slides and videos. Explaining everything would be too much of a burden so I will just write down a list of things I learned about:

ESP8266, Cloudstack (docker demo), GUST, fluentd, kinesis, storm, Diameter, OpenStack, Snappy, hacking Linux devices, Hatohol, GrowthForecast, mongodb, zabbix, hinemos, Symfony2, Snap, Optaplanner, Spark, Kuromoji, mecab, Kafka, hadoop, yarn, dronekit.io, moebuntu, Timeglider, Ubuntu JUJU, LTSP, TWRP, kibana, elasticsearch, PostGIS, OpenLayers.js, MapServer, TinyOWS, QGIS, Wikipedia word analyzer, aozorahack, plamo.

I also gave a short presentation during the lightning talks time about how to access your home's computer through a browser using the software shellinabox.

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