Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mt. Myojin - 明神山 (愛知県)

The first time I climbed Mt. Myojin(明神山 - myoujinsan), I had a hard time crossing a dangerous rocky bridge near the top. I swore that I would never climb it again, but somehow I did it again last week.

Mt. Myojin is a 1016m high mountain located in Aichi prefecture, between Nagoya and Shizuoka. Although this time I went by car with some friends from my hiking club, you can get there by public transportation according to this and this blog. For more information and pictures, please check also this and this and this blog.

Before climbing, we bought a few sweet potatoes (焼き芋 - yakiimo) in a nearby konbini (Circle-K) and had them for breakfast.

The hike has a very good start: a beautiful river of crystalline waters winding among huge rocks. In fact, many rock climbers come to Mt. Myojin for training.

The forest is full of live. On the way up, we bumped into a cute lizard (トカゲ tokage in Japanese), who was literally posing for my camera. Also, I could see camellia flowers again as in Mt. Atago.

There is a viewpoint on the top from where we enjoyed the views of the Japanese southern alps. On a clear day, Mt. Fuji is supposed to be visible too but we didn't have the luck.

After a long and tiring hike, we went to an Onsen and then we went to see the cherry blossom in the city of Shinshiro.

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