Sunday, June 28, 2009

Intercultural lunch

Some weeks ago I had an intercultural lunch with some friends in the residence where I am living at the moment.

My korean friend Daeheon Choi (also known as Kevin for those, like me, who can't pronnounce his name :D) prepared a delicious Korean pancake.

Although I am not a good cook, I decided to prepare the typical Spanish dish "seafood Paella". I was trying to remember how Michael used to prepare it in our department barbecues. Finding the main ingredient of Paella (saffrom) wasn't a very difficult task, although it was quite expensive.


Castelló said...

Huele a rico rico desde aquí ;)
Tú aprende cosillas para traernos y montar una guapa cena aquí, sino vamos antes nosotros pallá, claro jeje, aunque la loto no toca todos los días :P

Abrazotes Danisan ;)

Sangorrin said...

jeje en realidad casi todo el tiempo como en el comedor de la universidad. Lleva mucho tiempo ir a comprar al supermercado, cocinar, etc..