Monday, April 23, 2012

Mt. Noko (納古山)

A few weeks after having climbed my first Mt. Fuji and Mt. Atago, I was very surprised that my hiking club was planning another hike in the same area.

This time we climbed the mountain Noko(納古山)which is 632.9 m high. Although we went by car, Mt. Noko can be accessed by train from the station Kamiasou(上麻生) on the Takayama line(高山本線). For more details and pictures please check this and this and this blogs.

Here is the guide map to the hiking course at the entry. There is a sign on the right of the map saying something like "caution, bears may appear" (熊出没注意 kuma-shutsubotsu-chuui). I found it funny that some of the signs showing the path to 納古山 where marked with such a scary red color line.

From the beginning, the scenery with its small currents slipping through big and rounded stones reminded me of my hike to Mt. Myojin a few weeks before. Perhaps it is thanks to all these currents—and the humidity that they generate—that the path is full of vegetation. In particular, I found the moss (koke in Japanese) on the trunk of the trees really beautiful.

But actually none of these pictures do justice to the atmosphere I was breathing there. For that reason, I decided to record a minute of sound of that place. I never thought that the sound of a few frogs could be so amazing!.

Apart from the moss and the frogs chant, we also enjoyed contemplating several species of trees and bushes in full blossom.

On the top, there is a map for helping you identifying the mountains that can be spotted from Mt. Noko. In clear weather conditions, you may be lucky enough to see Mt. Fuji (the famous one).

Mt. Noko is a really nice 1-day hike for people living near Nagoya.

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