Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pujayo - Santiurde de Reinosa

Here we are again with a new hiking route in Cantabria (Spain). This time my route passed by the peak obios (there is also a route for bikers here). I'll put here a link to a Google Earth file containing more or less the path i followed pujayo-santiurde.kmz. The route is taken from a book called "Hiking from the train in Cantabria" (Senderismo desde el tren por Cantabria, by Santiago Benito). I took a RENFE train from Santander at 8:20 and i got off at the station of Pujayo at 9:33 (3,30 Euros).

From Pujayo you have to go up a long and winding road until you get to the peak obios. I took the picture above while i was going up that path. The weather was a bit crazy with big clouds and lots of fog, also some light rain...

What I didn't know is that just after that path, before getting to the top there was going to be snow there!!

Once I got to the peak I followed the crest of the range to the south. You can compare the picture above with the one that Michael took when there was no snow.

The snow kept growing as i went on, which added to the fog and the clouds made me difficult to walk and not getting lost. I couldn't use the book to guide me because everything was covered by snow and i could hardly see anything that was further than some meters. Fortunately, I had my GPS which indicated me the right direction. It was a very strange feeling walking there because there was nobody, no sounds, no houses and I was there alone in the snow with lots of fog... like in a movie!! I thought a wolf would show up and eat me hahaha!

I stopped to rest in a field were there was less snow and it was amazing that i couldnt hear any sound or noise, not even cows or sheeps!! it was one of the biggest silence ive ever heard.

I spent the last hour sleeping in the hills with all my clothes on and after that i took the train back home from the station of Santiurde de Reinosa at 17:40 (3,90 Euros).

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Nusense said...

if i was there i would bury you in the snow and leave you! MA HA HA!