Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Japan - Scans

I have scanned some maps, brochures... that I got in Japan and might be helpful for the traveller (if you want one in a bigger size, tell me):

Tokugawa museum brochure

Osaka entertainment area map from a tourism office

Map of Nara with the main route written by a tourism hostess

Small map with the main services around the Tour Club hostel in Kyoto

A sketch of how to get to kooyasan drawn by a train employee

Map with the temples of Kooyasan written in kanji (useful to find them)

Hiking routes around Kooyasan in English and Japanese (useful to match the signs)

A kooyasan brochure from the tourism office

A Japan Rail Pass and a telephone card for international calls

Instructions for the traditional Japanese scarf

Some Japanese coins

Pictures of the hotel in Hakone I spent the night in. I was in that spring bath.

Sketch of the hotel in Hakone

A hand made picture I received from Mitsue

Postcards that I received from Mitsue, thanks!!

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