Monday, July 17, 2017

Shizuoka Hobby show 2017

In May, I attended the most important event in the world about plastic models: the Shizuoka hobby show. Shizuoka is the place where Tamiya was born, and is easy to reach by Shinkansen, although this time I used the cheaper Tokaido line.

The place was divided into two parts. One part was composed of commercial booths where companies were introducing their latest model kits. Doi-sensei held a nice workshop on figure painting using Turner Acrylic Gouache at the Model Art magazine booth. There was also a bookstore where I bought an awesome book titled 機械昆蟲制作のすべて (all about building machine insects).

The other part was composed of hundreds of tables where plastic model fans were exposing their dioramas and models. There were amazing pieces of art, and I learned a lot from them. There are many different genres in this hobby, and I kind of liked this kind of dioramas representing Japanese street scenes from the Shōwa era.

It was actually on the fans side where I met the author of 機械昆蟲制作のすべて who took the time to sign my book with this beautiful drawing. Thanks a lot!

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