Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ayaya concert あややのコンサート

On the 3rd of October, I went to Tokyo with my friend Raul to see a concert by Aya Matsuura (松浦 亜弥), also known as Ayaya.

He has been her fan since before coming to Japan. As he belongs to her fan club, he got some special tickets near the stage.

Ayaya is a very famous Japanese singer (J-pop) originally from Himeji, as she mentioned during the concert. Before going I was expecting lots of young noisy Japanese teenagers at the concert, but it was completely different. In reality the average fan was a man of around 35 years old completely equipped with lights, Ayaya t-shirts and bracelets!! The concert was full of Otakus that knew all the movements and dances, and when to use the lights!And most of the concert was actually based on this interaction between the idol and the fans. She talked to them quite a few times and listened to their requests about songs to perform.

The concert was held in the Sun plaza hotel at Nakano (around 10 minutes from Shinjuku), which includes a very good hall for this kind of events.

The trip was quite tiring because I used night buses for going and returning. Still it was worth it, because it was a very unique Japanese experience :).


Maria said...

hey where is the picture for taking which they wanted to kick you out from the concert??? :D

Castelló said...

Juerrr, el público parece que está entrenado y todo jajaja. Mu guay !

Un abraxón, Sango San :D