Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nagoya Castle - 名古屋城

One of the main attractions of Nagoya city is its castle.

Although the original one was destroyed during the second World War it is still a stunning building (donjon) and a must-see if you come to Nagoya. At the moment they are also rebuilding the Palace that used to be next to it.

There are volunteer guides in English during the first and third Saturday of each month. Mine was an interesting old man called Nobuyoshi Izumichi(泉地信良), who spoke English surprisingly well.

For more than an hour, he talked about several emperors, battles, how well protected was the castle and several historic facts that for some reason I always forget about.

Maybe because I get distracted by the small and not-so-famous details of life :).

Apart from the castle there were exhibitions of paper figures, paintings on rolls of paper (called kakejiku 掛け軸), armours, etc. One of the most famous parts of the castle is a golden mythological (kinshachi 金鯱) figure on the roof.

The views from the castle's top floor were nice. From such a traditional place you can see the elevated highways of the modern city.

Because in spite of being calm and conservative, Nagoya is still a big city with its avenues, people and shops.

And when the night comes, it dresses up with lights and neons, like in Blade Runner. :)

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