Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things I like

Things that most people around me seem to like but I don't:
  • Going out at night to drink alcohol and listen to too loud music.
  • Watching football.
  • Driving a car.
  • Living in a fixed place.
  • Going downhill (take the easy path).
What I like to do instead:
  • Going out at night to see the stars or the lights of the city from the silence.
  • Playing football.
  • Walking.
  • Living all around the Globe.
  • Going uphill (take the difficult path).
I had to look for a new Label to tag this post with. At first I thought about something like "Personal" but then I realized that there could be future posts similar to this one where "Personal" wouldn't fit. In the end I decided to use "Thoughts". But the point is that the whole Label-hunting thing reminded me a lot of a "thinking pattern" that I repeat unconsciously all the time: the search for an abstraction. For instance, in object-oriented programming you always try to start from a very abstract class and then decompose it by inheritance into more specific ones. I'm learning C# at the moment and there is a very abstract class there, the root of all the classes, whose name is System.Object. It is an elegant and a very small class (I confess that I understood the meaning when I compared it to void * in C). Yes, it's small, but its the roots of the whole system and if it fails the whole system fails.
Final note: I realized that I started talking about programming so I extended my Thoughts class with the Technology interface ;P.


Anonymous said...

Ojalá mucha gente pensara como tú Daniel, es decir, no tomar la "easy way of life", y en cambio, vivir una vida en la que se valorase el esfuerzo, y conectada con la naturaleza y la tranquilidad. Sería un mundo bastante mejor.
Un abrazo

Sangorrin said...

Thanks for your comment Paco!! :D