Sunday, March 16, 2008

London with Nusense's friends

I recently made a trip to London for a weekend to meet Nusense and her friends. I arrived at Stansted airport on a Saturday evening and took a National Express coach to Golders Green where i was supposed to meet Nusense. She came late of course, but I had a big sandwich and crisps to eat that made the waiting time shorter.

She had a surprise for me. She asked me to follow her without telling me that, actually, her friend Lee was waiting for us in her car! When i entered to Lee's car they put a very famous hip hop song, called "Crank that boy", which Nusense tought me to dance while we were in Paris. Then Lee drove us through the streets of London surroundings. She drove very fast and dangerous, I have to admit i was quite scared especially when Nusense used to touch the steering!! or when Lee said "no hands now!!". Thank god we arrived to that place safe.

But the night just had started, they had taken me to do ICE SKATING!!! I had only done ice skating for once in my life, in Oxford, and I swear i had completely forgotten how it worked. So while Nusense and Lee where ice skating I had to hold myself to the bars around the ice skating rink. Ok, sometimes Nusense helped me out but.. after that she pushed me!!

After the ice skating thing we went to Mysta's house, another friend of nusense. There, i met Mysta, L-Dosh, Steve and her girlfriend and we chilled out in Mysta's house until late at night. We had some food, talked, the girls danced.. it was a cool day!! Then, Nusense and I went to her house which was very nice despite she keeps saying she lives in hell!!

The day after we went to see some places in London, like a store of comics called Forbidden planet, then i had some fish and chips for the first time in my life (tasty), went to a park and ride her bike and at night we went to see a movie.

In conclusion, it was a very interesting weekend thanks to Nusense because i could get to know a lot of local people and places that otherwise i would never have seen.

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