Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getxo Comic and Manga Festival 2007

Last weekend I attended to the annual Comic and Manga Festival in Getxo, a small district of Bilbao (north of Spain) . Although the activities in the festival were not very interesting, basically everything could be reduced to shops selling comics and figures, I enjoyed myself very much thanks to the company of some new friends that I made. They were interested in comics and illustration like me and I got to know them thanks to Yvon, a friend from Getxo that I met in Barcelona for the first time one summer some years ago when we had the opportunity to work for an animation studio called dibutoonz studio. It also came Talia, the girl I went to the Ganekogorta with some weeks ago, who said she was having the most freak day of her life, haha.

One of the few interesting activities was the conference by Miguelanxo Prado (its name is mispelled haha). He just made an animation movie after leaving his job for Man In Black and talked about a new revolution for it.

The festival was splitted up in two parts: comic and manga (Japanese comics). Definitely, the manga part was more funny haha. There were people dressed up like their favourite characters, karaoke, bump-it-up contests, Japanese food, merchandising...

At lunch time we went to a nearby commercial center to eat. After having lunch we took out our pencils and started drawing a little bit.

It was a nice day and I recovered a little bit my illusion for this fantastic world of drawings, stories, characters, etc.. called comic. At night, Talia and I went to see a performance by my harmonica teacher Pablo Almaraz in a nearby village. It was the best end for a freaky day!

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Yvon said...

A ver si es verdad y empiezas a dibujar mas, que telecos hay un monton.
Nos vemos el viernes.