Sunday, October 14, 2007


I just visited Prague for my first time because of a work meeting related to the project I'm working for. Before going to Prague, I only knew a few things about it. Most of them thanks to a comic called "Jonas Fink", by Vittorio Giardino, which relates the story of a jewish in Prague during the communism. I really enjoyed myself reading that comic again and again, especially the second volume (a beautiful love story), some years ago. I decided that I will try to take pictures that show the main buildings that appear in the first page of the second volume of the comic. This is my favourite page of that comic:

The city of Prague reminded me a bit of the city of Turin in Italy. The most typical thing you will notice are the trams. I found the city very well organised and the transport system was efficient, punctual and easy to use. In general, I got a very good impression of the city and the people. Besides these good things, the prices were slightly cheaper than in Spain (note: they still use their local currency, not euros yet!).

Our hosts in the city, from the University of Prague, treated us extremely well and showed a great hospitality. Thanks to them we went to see a very high quality concert of classical music and had lunch and dinner in very nice restaurants. The food in Prague was very tasty!

They also guided us to see the Karlstejn castle outside of the city (we went there by train) and to walk a hiking route in the beautiful forests around the castle. The autumn had come and the forest was full of different colours!!

The last night was also very funny because I got to know a Czech girl through the internet and she invited me to go with his (Czech) friends (4 boys and 5 girls if I remember right) to an arabian couisine restaurant near the Staromêstska metro station. There was a live performance of a belly dancer that was very interesting and we liked it a lot. The local had a great atmosphere and different kinds of people.

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The clock is really beautiful.