Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Japan - Day 14 - Tokyo -> Home!

From Roppongi, I took the first subway back to the hostel. I spent most of the morning sleeping. Then, I went to Akihabara for the second time, this time with money to spend!hehe! I bought two Manga figures from Saint Seiya for my sister and some material for drawing comics. I spent the evening in the hostel surroundings, savouring my lasts moments in Japan. Reading Manga, talking with the Japanese host, and walking the quiet streets of Tokyo. I was going to leave Japan after a wonderful trip. I was very satisfied and felt very lucky.

The following morning I wake up early and went to Narita airport. I arrived at Madrid with some delay. I had to take a taxi from the airport to catch my bus to Santander. I was VERY lucky because when I arrived to the Bus station, the bus was about to leave. The bus driver was very angry with me because I didn't have a ticket (I bought it through the Internet in Japan and didn't have a printer). I rush out to get the ticket from an automatic machine while he said bad words to me that made me feel at home (grrr).

In Santander, I took a taxi to my home. It is a strange feeling of safeness when you have been some time abroad and you go back to your home, your pillow, your bed...

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