Monday, July 9, 2007

Japan - Day 12 - Nara

After the breakfast in Kooya-san, I took the cable car down to Gokurakubashi, and then a train to Hashimoto. I wanted to go to Nara directly through JR, from Hashimoto, because it was free for me thanks to my pass, instead of taking a Private train to Osaka and then changing to Nara.

My idea was horrible. I saved some money but it was a long time in that local train, doing a stop in every single station, until I finally arrived at Nara.

In Nara, I was a fast and precise tourist. I went to the tourism office, got a sight seeing map and went to see the main temples and buildings one after one. I hadn't time for more because I had to leave Nara for Chigasaki.

Nara was small compared to Kyoto and the main tourist attractions were very close so it was not very hard to see them in two hours or so. The main buildings are the koofukuji temple were there is a five-storied pagoda and the Todaiji temple, with the largest Budha in Japan. Like in Kyoto, you have to pay a fee to enter. I paid to see the Budha, because it is a very important building.

After this fast tour in Nara, I went to Osaka by train, took the loop line and then the Shinkansen to Odawara, where I changed to the local train that would finally leave me in Chigasaki. It was a tough day, lots of trains. In Chigasaki, it was dark and raining, but I finally managed to get to Mituse's home with the aid of my GPS. I was completely soaked but Mitsue was very kind and helped me a lot.

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